Best Barrel Racing Sayings and Quotes 2021

Top 15 Barrel Racing Quotes of 2017

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  1. “3 Turns, 2 Hearts, 1 Soul”
  2. “If you ain’t afraid of the speed, you ain’t going fast enough”
  3. “If dust ain’t flying you ain’t trying”
  4. “I spend more time riding than walking”
  5. “There are so many people that will say you can’t, what you need to do is turn around and say WATCH ME!”
  6. “Move over boys let this girl show you how to race”
  7. “No Ones Buckle Bunny!”
  8. “Ride It Like You Stole It”
  9. “When you can turn & burn like that you don’t need luck”
  10. “Keep Calm and Make Dust”
  11. “Keep your eyes on the prize”
  12. “Keep Calm and Turn That Barrel”
  13. “Turn&Burn”
  14. “Sweat Dries Bones Heal Blood Clots Suck It Up Princess”

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