Country Girl Quotes and Sayings

Best Country Girl Quotes and Sayings of 2017

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country girl quotes

Although no one believes me, I have always been a country girl and still have a country girl’s values

Ava Gardner

Puttin’ on a cowboy hat & a pair of boots doesn’t make you country; Like puttin’ on a ball gown & glass heels won’t make me Cinderella.

Kellie Elmore

keep calm country girl

Talkin, true blue, out in the woods, down home, country girl.

Jason Aldean

If you can find a nice pretty country girl that can cook and carries her bible, now there’s a woman.

Phil Robertson

Better to be strong than pretty and useless.

Lilith Saintcrow

A country girl can talk her way out of a ticket.

Kellie Pickler


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