How To Stop A Horse From Chewing On Wood?

Are you desperate about stopping your horse from chewing wood? Do not worry, you are not alone and this is common among the equine companions. I had the same problem too but through my extensive research on all I needed to know about horses, I found interesting facts to share with horse lovers.

horse chewing on wooden post

You want to know how to stop a horse from chewing on wood but cannot seem to find success? The best way to convince your horse to drop the habit is to adjust the diet and include sufficient nutrients such as roughages. This way, they will always have something going on their mouths to keep them busy and distracted.

Should I Be Worried About My Horse Chewing On Wood?

No need to worry. This is purely a normal habit and can be addressed by your vet. Poor nutrition is the most likely reason for this behavior but most horses chew on wood after discovering their teeth.

However, this behavior persists in some of the horses. If you are frustrated about this behavior, there are solutions to try out. Most of the wood chewers do this out of boredom.

Increasing turnout time to avoid boredom is essential for horses that are used to active lifestyles. Simply increase their time outside and observe how they adjust to the new tasks. Use a centralize stall to keep them off eh edge of the edge of the pen where they find the timber.

If you have availed enough pasture for your horse and they still insist on chewing wood, do not worry as you are not alone. There are many solutions to try out that will help your restore sanity to the animal. Read to find out how you will eliminate this behavior.

Stopping your horse from chewing wood

Luckily, there are many options to try out with your horse. They have already proven useful in many previous cases so all you need is make a choice or shift if you need to try something else. you will soon find one, which works eventually. Among the most effective solutions are;

  • Applying paints and sprays
  • Using metal mesh
  • Increasing turnout time
  • Adjusting the diet

Adjusting the Diet

This is the surest method of stopping your horse from seeking nutrients from the wrong places. Increase the necessary roughages and minerals you will need to make the most out of their food. If they find the content in their food, they will have no more need to chew on wood. Most cases involve horses without proper nutrition.

Increasing Turnout Time

This is an effective method used to change the behavior of horses. Simply take more time exercising so they can be tired and long for their rest. It works best for those used to active lifestyles. They will not be bored anymore and will stop chewing the wood on your pen structure.

Application of Paints and Sprays

If you have a persistently stubborn horse, you may have to proceed to invest in paint and sprays in equine stores. They will help you avoid further damage of your stable and pen as you save your horse from consuming wood.

Metal Mesh

If all does not work, you may have to install a metal mesh to keep them inside. No horse will attempt to chew on metal and the problem is solved quickly. This is a radical and expensive solution too.

Related Questions

How much food is enough for my Horse?

The amount of food you need to feed them depends mostly on their activity, type of breed, and size of the horse. On average, vets recommend 9kg worth of hay every day. You risk overfeeding or underfeeding without proper instructions from your vet.

You should therefore consult a reputable and experienced vet for the best way to maintain the horse. Large horses feed on more amounts of food than small breeds of ponies.

When do I need grain supplements?

Your horse requires extra calories if it works a lot. If you use the horses for daily activities, they require larger amounts of grains for increased supplements. If you notice your horse lacking enough muscle build or losing weight, you may also consider adding bags of grain as this will help you improve their intake.

Beware, excessive amounts will cause obesity so seek a practitioners advice before proceeding with increased daily feed.

How much do I need to build a stable?

Building a stable is a complex task, which involves a variety of contributing factors. For example, you need to check the rules of the land to determine the type of stable you will build or even if you will be allowed to build one. You also need to consider the size of the horse to determine the size of the house and how big the stable would be. The size of the house will determine the materials and the overall cost of the stable.


Always maintain close contact with your vet for consultation and emergencies. Whenever you notice weird behaviors, you should proceed to alert them. Moreover, you should continuously consult and meet neighbors with horses to find out the best ways to deal with common issues surrounding your horse or pony. They will help you achieve the most out of any new habits emerging on your horse. Chewing on wood is a normal phenomenon common among horses.

Having said that continue to check on their environment walk your fence line to make sure there is no poisonous trees or plants. Even if they have been chewing on something for a long time make sure to see what it is and get it out of there if it is toxic to horses.

Do your research, keep them busy, and work with them. Sometimes all they want is attention and it can get hard when your working overtime all day and just want to go to bed. An extra 15 minutes to brush them and clean them up goes a long way. Even just lunging them for 15 minutes most horses love any attention they get.



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