The Raw Beauty And Power Of Majestic Horses Captured By Great Photographer

Amazing Beautiful Horse Pictures!

If there were ever one thing photographer Wiebke Haas knew about herself, it was that she has always loved horses. A self-described “typical horse girl,” she says she can’t imagine not being around them for even a day.

Horses have long inspired humans with their power and grace, as well as their ability to be completely adorable at the same time, like when they express their sheer joy at the magic of a snowstorm.

And for Wiebke, these displays of emotion and personality were exactly what she wanted to share with the world.

After spending three years becoming a certified photographer, Wiebke took the plunge into self-employment and started snapping portraits of horses.

She tries to capture the unique personality of each of her subjects, and has learned the patience and receptiveness needed to connect with horses.

To date, Wiebke has published three books full of her horse photos, and has had her work featured all over the world. Take a look at some of her powerful and touching photos below, and let us know your favorite!

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Wiebke has loved horses since she can remember, and knew that in some way, she would have to involve them in her life and work if she wanted to be truly happy.

When she finished with school, she knew she had to make a choice: she could either take a dull office job, or she could think outside the box and turn her passion into a career.

We’ll let you guess which path she chose.

Wiebke studied to become a certified photographer for three years, and after earning her certification, took the daunting step of opening her own business.


Most of her work is created in a studio, which allows her to pose the horse against a plain black background. The stark backdrop lets us see the details of the horses’ forms all the more clearly.

But sometimes she photographs her subjects outdoors, too, and explores how the horses interact with their surroundings.

Still, she says that the studio photos are the best way to really capture the power and grace of the horses.

“My intention is to make the viewer look at an image over and over again,” she says.

While she loves her work, it’s not without its challenges. “Sometimes if takes two or three days until I get the picture I had in mind,” she says. During this time, she gets a feel for the horse’s unique personality and develops a way to work with the horse to let it really shine on camera.

“One of the most challenging and also fulfilling tasks is to find out how to direct and motivate [a] particular horse and turn an idea into a picture,” she says.

And while operating your own business and taking a career path less traveled is certainly challenging and even a little scary, Wiebke wouldn’t have it any other way.

For her, doing what she loves for a living is worth any challenge. And at only 24, her photos are already known around the world!

You can see her full portfolio on her website, as well as on 500px and Facebook, where you can see the many beautiful horses she’s photographed, as well as some excellent portraits of cats and dogs.

And don’t forget to SHARE Wiebke’s work with the animal lovers in your life, and show them that following your dream is pretty amazing!





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