{“en”:”Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann on behalf of Expert Village and Bailey and I are going to show you what constitutes a rollback. And since we are not reiners, we’re not going to do a proper rollback, but what we are going to do is teach this horse how to slow their back end down, speed their front end up, and get around quickly. We want that hip slowed down or stopped, front end needs to be moving. So I’m going to rollback into the fence. I’m going to sit, tip that horse’s nose toward the fence slightly, but I’m not going pulling them around with my hand. What I’m actually doing is pushing them around with my foot. So if I’m going to the right, I’m going to sit, tip that horse’s nose to the right, I’m sitting down deeply to encourage him to put his behind underneath him, using my left foot up toward the front by the cinch to ask that shoulder to move to the right because remember, our horse is going to move away from leg pressure.

So I’m going to use that left leg close to the front, ask him to move to the right. The other thing that I’m going to show you is how to pivot a horse. Again, this is not a reining horse, it’s a barrel racing horse. But this is an element in reining that is very important to these barrel racing horses to get control over their shoulders and their hind end. We want that hind end to stay stopped or still as much as possible. If anything, I want them to back up. I do not want them forging forward. So if you’ll notice, my horse will back up a little bit sometimes in this move and that’s because all I want is for him to stay on his hind end and lighten up his front end.

He’s going to pivot in ninety degree angles and we’ll do that both directions.. “}

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