{“en”:”Hi, my name is Holly Heidemann and on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re here to introduce you to the sport of barrel racing. Barrel racing is a timed event where one runs around three barrels in a particular direction. You either make one run, or one turn to the right and two turns to the left or you can start out with the left barrel and make a first turn to the left and then two subsequent turns to the right. It’s a clover leaf pattern that we’ll be demonstrating today and in barrel racing there are many different ways that you can compete. Some people compete in rodeos which is strictly the fastest time wins and sometimes it’s a one, two, or three day rodeo where people are competing in different sanctioned events for prizes and for money and, and sometimes at the end of the year there’s a finals. That’s one way that you can run. Another way that you can compete in barrel racing is to compete in weekend jackpots, or gymkhanas. Those are normally run either as a straight time, where the fastest time wins, or there’s something called a three, or a four, or a five D.

A lot of people are confused about the divisions and how that work is that the first division is always the fastest time of either the day or the weekend depending on how the barrel races run. And then the second division is normally a half a second slower. So if the fast time of the weekend was a fifteen flat, fifteen seconds, then then second division – the 2-D – would be a fifteen point five. Then the third division – the 3-D – is normally one full second past the 1-D time so if the fast time was a fifteen flat, then the 3-D would be a sixteen flat. The 4-D, in a 4-D would be another second added to that so the 4-D would be a seventeen flat. Now there’s things called 5-D’s, and those make it a little more interesting. The 4-D then is a second and a half past the fastest time which would make that a sixteen point five and then the 5-D then becomes what the 4-D was which would make that a seventeen flat run. Those get really confusing for beginners, but that’s just a brief explanation of the divisions.

The other way that you can compete is there are lots of local family clubs and Buchanan and things that you can run in and those are a nice way to start out because they’re a little less stressful, you’re usually running for money and points and prizes and ribbons and things like that and that’s a really nice way to get started as a family in this sport.. “}

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