What the heck is this guy doing?

Some random video we found that peaked our interest. If anybody has anymore info on this share it on our page please. Like to see the rest of what happens and why he was doing jamming out riding a horse through the city lol.

Good times in the city…very short clip unfortunately


Thank you for sharing…

After several men were spotted riding horses on North Avenue Sunday, Baltimore officials said Monday it’s illegal to ride horses down city streets without approval.

But Baltimore health department officials said the city allows horse riding if the users have a license for Arabbing or a permit to exhibit the animals. The city also allows horse riding by law enforcement personnel.

“Horses are prohibited if they are not actively engaged in the above methods with the proper licensing and/or permits,” said health department spokesman Michael Schwartzberg.

Men riding horses on city streets near traffic created a buzz on social media Sunday.

The sight of horses on city roadways comes amid a police effort to curtail the illegal activity of dirt bike riding on Baltimore streets.

According to the city code, in order to get a license to ride a horse in Baltimore, a person must be 18 years old, have no convictions for animal cruelty, be deemed capable of “humanely handling” a horse, and carry the license while riding. The horse must be examined yearly by a veterinarian, and may not be ridden in extreme heat or cold or while drunk.

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