What Does Green Broke Mean?

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green broke

So, what does green broke mean? To put it simply green broke is a word to describe a horse who has just learned to accept a rider on his back. This takes a lot of time because the horse has to get used to you and it needs to be trained as well.

People who rides a green broke horse are those that are just starting out and learning to ride a horse.

A Green Broke Horse

Learning to ride a horse can take a lot of time for a horse to get used to. They are not comfortable with people riding on their backs until they are thoroughly trained, or they accept their person, their rider. Some horses will let you ride on their backs for a little while until they kick you off. These horses are not ready yet.

A green broke horse, as I mentioned before, is a horse that accepts its rider on its back. There are many definitions to what people think “green broke” is and just to name a few—green broke can mean that the horse has broken into its saddle on its back and is comfortable wearing it. Another interpretation of this term is when a horse does not buck here and there when there is a rider on its back. When a rider successfully gets on the back of a horse, the horse is “green broke.”

Different Types of “Broke”

There are different types of “green broke” and what it means. There is “unbroke” which basically means hat the horse cannot be ridden on. This means that the horse has not been trained to carry a rider on its back.

You have “green broke” which some people also use the word “dumb.” The word green is just like the signal of a traffic light sign that means go. When a horse is green broke, the horse is given the green light to have a rider on its back.

Another term is “well broke” which means that the horse is trained and is reliable. The horse is not only ready to be ridden on, but they are safe and reliable. If you are participating in a horse race, this will be the horse you want to use. They will be able to understand your signals and know if they need to trot or canter when they come across hurdles.

Some people even call this “broke to death.” Usually this means that the horse is very obedient and is also well trained. Horses that are called this are quiet and do not make trouble. This kind of horse is safe to ride on by all riders whether they are beginners, intermediate, or experts.

Training a Horse to be Green Broken

If you are ready to take the next step with your horse and you want to ride it, you will have to do the necessary training, so your horse can be green broke. Firstly, you will need to use a horse that is trained This means that they already know ground commands, is comfortable with you an know that you are their leader.

You would need to attach lead ropes to horse’s halters; which will help the horse get use to you pulling to tell them they need to halter. This will be your way of leading the horse when you are riding it. To break your horse into these ropes you should be gentle and give them treats when they are doing a good job to start conditioning the horse.

After the horse is comfortable wearing a halter, then you can start leading the horse. Wait for your horse to move while you are at the end of the rope. Once the horse moves, give them a treat to show them they did a good job. Treats are a great way to let your horse know they are doing something right.

Next is bit and bridle training; a bit is a mouthpiece for the horse. This is part of the bridle that allows the rider to put pressure on the horse’s mouth to control their speed and movement. You do not have to attempt to ride the horse then, but find things to put on the saddle, so the horse can get used to the pressures of having something on its back.

After the horse is used to the bit piece, you can move onto saddle training. Remember, “green broke” by some means that the horse is comfortable with a saddle on its back.

Sometimes it is better if you have someone else who already rides a horse, so your horse can see what they are doing and try to copy it. This method takes time and it is called “gentle breaking.” This can help the horse relax knowing that it is not the only one who has someone on their back.


Breaking your horse, as bad as it sounds, is not such a bad idea because you want to be able to ride with your horse, especially if you participate in horse racing. You want a horse that is safe and reliable to ride with.



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